Rape, attack on woman ‘barbaric’


MADANG town Mayor Joe Yama has condemned the barbaric treatment of a young woman before she was murdered.
The young woman from Haven village in the North Coast of Madang was with her male companion on Saturday evening when they killed.
The two were security guards of a security firm.
The woman was raped before she was killed.
Ward eight councillor Samson Gaan said girls and mothers from Biliau Maus Rot settlement were in mourning .
Gaan told police that the woman was raped and her private parts ripped with a knife and foreign objects stuffed into the body.
“That is a very barbaric and animalistic type of behaviour that has happened here and that is why this community (Biliau Maus Rot) wants to take revenge, he said.
Yama said the suspects should surrender to police because the rape and murder they were alleged to have committed was far beyond imagination.
He appealed to both sides of the ethnic groups to stop fighting and let police do the arrest of the suspects involved.
Yama said vehicles should be free to use the public road into North Coast and the airport.

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