Reach out to the poor: Pope


POPE Francis has requested the Catholic faithful of the Lae diocese in Morobe to continue the ministry of Christ and r each out to the poor.
The pontiff requested the Christians to reach out to those who are poor in spirit and in material things.
His message to them was, “God is the merciful Father. He loves you; God wants to show you his love and mercy.
The message was delivered by the papal ambassador to PNG and Solomon Islands, Apostolic Nuncio Kurian Mathew Vayalunkai during the diocese’s 50th anniversary celebration ins Lae, last Sunday.
The Nuncio said Pope Francis loved PNG and wanted Christians to know his spiritual and fatherly closeness to them.
“It shows that the Holy Father has a special attention for all of you, to this place and country,” Vayalunkai said.
He said PNG was in the pope’s heart and he cared for the country. It was the Apostolic Nuncio’s first visit to Lae diocese since his appointment as the pope’s ambassador to PNG and Solomon Islands.
He said the celebration was actually to reflect on the past and the how Catholic church was established in Morobe. The celebration was homage to missionaries, fathers, sisters and brothers form different orders and congregations who helped build the Catholic church during its formative years in Morobe.
The celebration saw all Catholic parishes in the diocese of Lae turning up to “remember, rejoice, give praise and go forward.
The diocese of Lae was established in 1960 but Catholic presence in whole of Morobe goes back to 1927, when the first church was established in Wau town which is still there.
This was after the gold rush in the Wau-Bulolo area.
Divine Word Society (SVD) Missionaries then travelled periodically by air to Wau from Alexishafen in Madang, and provide pastoral care for employees of the Australian administration, gold miners and their contract workers.

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