We should be ready for natural disasters


I HAVE been following media reports of disasters in many parts of the world which have caused thousands to lose their lives and millions to go homeless without proper food, water and sanitation, resulting in disease outbreaks.
In Papua New Guinea there had been some serious disasters in the past, like the Mt Lemington volcano eruption, Cyclone Guba in Northern, Mt Tavurvur’s eruption in East New Britain, the Aitape tsunami in West Sepik and some serious landslides in parts of the Highlands and the Mamose region.
The Manam Island volcano is still active and people have been forced to leave their homes.
Natural disasters are not controlled by humans although human beings, through the way we interact with the environment, contribute to global warming and climate change.  The government must be prepared to tackle these issues because natural disasters have the potential to cause great damage to our economy by how they affect government assets, public and private properties and lives in our urban and rural communities.
The Government should create a reserve fund and have a special team to promote disaster awareness in the  provinces because a natural disaster can strike at any time without warning.

Frankie Aros Poros
Morobe Province.  

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