Ready to support church


FINSCHHAFEN MP Renbo Paita believes that it is proper to recognise the historical sites of the Lutheran Church at Maneba and Simbang.
Paita said it was important to rebuild the rundown church facilities such as Heldsbach which catered for the Kotec district headquarters, Logaweng Seminary, Sattleberg Girls College, Braun Memorial Rural Hospital, Simbang, Maneba and Polac.
Polac, at Maneba, was where the first Lutheran missionary, Seniorl Johannes Flierl, arrived and later moved to Simbang to begin his evangelism work.
Paita said Finschhafen was like a bedridden man who needed to be resuscitated, adding that he supported the call by Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu to revive the history of the church in the district to encourage “church tourism”.
Paita told Saonu and acting provincial administrator Sheila Harou and deputies Robin Bazinuc and Masayang Moat that he would support any economic development plans for the district such as the Lae-Finschhafen-Wasu highway and church tourism.
Meanwhile, Saonu said the Fisika region’s power and money was embedded in the church history which should be revived.
“Church history is your identity. Your power and your money that needed to be revived and rewritten. If it means going to the archives of the Lutheran church in Bavaria, Germany to extract history, it shall be done,” Saonu said.

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