Real estate show opening doors for more dialogue


THE inaugural 2017 Hausples Real Estate Show had stakeholders of the real estate market in Papua New Guinea come together for an informative exchange of ideas last week.
Hausples general manager Tom Snelling said the two-day show which began on Friday was organised to increase dialogue among all actors in the market.
“I am really excited to be hosting this first real estate show in Papua New Guinea and what is particularly special is to see so many people here taking part. I want to say thank you to our sponsors Bank South Pacific and Trans Pacific Insurance and to the exhibitors from all aspects of the market that are here today,” Snelling said.
“This is the first but we plan to do it every year and make it bigger and better. It is great to have not only the real estate agents but everyone who are stakeholders such as the banks, property developers, real estate agents and also private individuals who have properties here as well.”
The first speaker at the show was Real Estate Industry Association president Mike Quinn who said the organisation had to expand to cater for the other entities which were vital to the market.
“In 2006, we adjusted our constitution to include members that were not real estate agents. This was due to the realisation that the market was determined by other actors that needed to be included to allow for the optimum representation of such a vital industry to the country.,” he said.

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