Reconciling appropriate to move on: Mogish


RECONCILING with the victim is appropriate for an offender to move on in life, Justice Panuel Mogish said at the Bomana National Court yesterday.
The judge told Samuel Senginau, who appeared on a suspended sentence after the court convicted him for arson, breaking and entering and stealing.
Justice Mogish confirmed that Senginau had paid K2000 to the National Court Trust account as compensation for the properties that were damaged.
Justice Mogish said the parties should be allowed to reconcile in an appropriate manner after reviewing his orders of compensation.
He ordered that the victims’ families and Senginau and his family appear in court on Oct 17 so that the K2000 payment made by Senginau will be given to the families of the victim as compensation.
Senginau, of East Sepik, was charged with burning a house, breaking and entering and stealing from a family house at the Morobe Settlement in 9-Mile on Feb 26, last year.
According to court, on April 19 Judge Mogish said the case against Senginau was not about directly burning the house, breaking and entering or stealing.
It was about him being among others who were involved in the actual incident.
“The court identifies that the defendant is not the principal offender. However, he had been in possession of a stolen property and was seen at the site,” Mogish said.
After the fire had started, Senginau was allegedly seen by a lot of people at the scene of fire and two witnesses testified against him.

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