‘Recycled’ leaders getting us nowhere


WE have created a political culture of worshiping politicians as heroes and gods for providing basic services.
These basic services should already be established and exist as the foundation on which the country can develop, progress and advance to be a modern nation.
Politicians are supposed to make laws and guide the country to move forward ahead with time and with the rest of the world.  I feel sorry for our politicians.
They think they are some kind of heroes sent from some alien planet to take and give what already belongs to the people.
Countries are moving forward and being transformed by visionary leadership.
Has any PNG politician or political party developed new ideas or visions to transform this country?
Here we are after 41 years and politicians still preaching and claiming to be heroes for providing basic services.
The same politicians have been recycled and they have been doing what they are good at – misleading their own illiterate and unsuspecting people on the pretext delivering goods and services.
Let’s vote all current and recycled politicians out in 2017. They have nothing new to offer.
They are addicted to greed and power for personal gain and wealth accumulation.
As long as they are recycled this country is doomed.

Lucas Kiap, Via email

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