REDD+, stakeholders discuss policy


THE reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+) organisation has set up a platform for palm oil stakeholders to discuss new policies for PNG to meet international market standards.
REDD+ general manager Gwen Sissiou told The National during a meeting in Port Moresby yesterday that the platform was a forum for palm oil stakeholders to meet on a regular basis in an organised manner to discuss issues surrounding palm oil development in the country.
“The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change requires developing countries like PNG, if we want to be a player, which is a voluntary thing, in this REDD+ mechanism, to prepare ourselves,” she said.
“So when we started the national REDD+ strategy work, it was identified that the agriculture sector palm oil was a big industry and we needed to include that in the strategy.
“Then we realise that there is no overarching palm oil policy in the country by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock or anyone else.
“So, because their roles were to support different agricultural sectors to improve their practices in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, REDD+ was driving the palm oil policy proposal in parallel to developing the platform because they think that was a priority policy area that’s lacking at the moment.”

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