Reds, Coca-Cola to shootout for Morobe darts supremacy


AFTER weeks of confusion on who would be the team to challenge Coca-Cola in the Morobe Darts Association final, Zulu Reds have put their front foot forward after beating BOC last week.
Zulu Reds will meet Coca-Cola in the inaugural finals of the Morobe Darts Association this week.
The Reds will be under the control of Sgt John Billy, while Coca-Cola will be led by Jim Litau.
Both teams boast capable players who can grab stars for their teams and win games.
Zulu have the advantage with some representative players but Litau’s camp is mostly of unknown quantity.
Coca-Cola have shown courage and determination, which has brought them this far and certainly they would not give away the finals.
Coca-Cola is the association’s debutant making its maiden final appearance.
Most of its players are from Watani Darts team, who played in the 2014 Lahi Darts Association grand final.

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