Refrain from using alcohol, police warn


POLICE in Central are enforcing an alcohol ban during the Independence Day weekend for the sake of public safety and to reduce crime.
Acting provincial police commander Andrew Tovere has urged the people to refrain from consuming alcohol and drugs so that everyone could celebrate safely.
“Alcohol is the cause of social issues,” he said.
Tovere told The National police officers would be patrolling every district in the province.
“If anyone is caught breaking the law, we will come down hard on them,” Tovere said.
“Officers will be patrolling every district in Central.”
He said even though they had limited resources in terms of manpower and logistics, they would still perform their duties.
He urged everyone to consider safety first and celebrate with care.
“For passengers travelling on the highways, take precautions. If you see a driver who is drunk, or if the PMV is overloaded, do not get on his vehicle.”
He also warned drivers to not get drunk when operating on the highways.
“The people’s lives are in your hands,” Tovere said.
Meanwhile, Enga police commander George Kakas has urged people in his province to refrain from alcohol during this independence celebrations.
He told The National yesterday that police would be on full operations in the province to provide security.
“The independence celebration must be observed with peace and without violence,” Kakas said.
He said alcohol was the cause of many issues that arise during such times.
“Independence is a time of celebration and everyone must observe with happiness.”
He warned that whoever goes beyond the law would be dealt with accordingly.
Kakas said there would be organised events in different districts in the province.
“MPs and other important people would attend the events and some of them would be hosts of the events.”
He said there would be organised sporting activities within districts as well as other events that would take place.
He urged everyone to refrain from violence and celebrate with safety first.
“Everyone must celebrate without liquor, violence and bad attitudes.”

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