Refugees on three-month employment stint in Kokopo


By Abigail phoebe
SEVEN refugees from the Manus detention centre are in Kokopo, East New Britain, for a three-month employment stint with JR Holdings.
Managing director John Rodriguez confirmed this yesterday in Kokopo.
He said the arrangement was “new and exciting” for the company and the people of ENB.
Rodriguez said he had flown to Manus recently to interview the refugees and had them screened.
“We will give them three months and see how it works out,” he said.
“If it does not work for them and the company, they can return to the detention centre after three months.
“But we are excited and pleased to have them work with us as it can be a learning experience for them and our local staff. We are giving them a chance to see what PNG is like here in East New Britain and hopefully, good things will come out of it.”
Rodriguez said the people of ENB had given his parents an opportunity to live and work in the province as teachers decades ago.
The parents later ventured into business in Rabaul town and later moved to Kokopo after volcanic eruptions there.
“Our business has grown and is providing jobs for many local people. It is a testimony that will live on. These refugees can tell a similar story,” he said.
JR Holdings is a well established company in Kokopo, providing several services. Its recent achievement was the establishment of a 24-hour service station and complex providing customers a one-stop service.

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