Regional expos to prepare Women in Business: Gore

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REGIONAL business expos will be a better way to prepare PNG Women in Business for the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting in 2018, Minister for Community Development and Religion Delilah Gore says.
Minister Gore said at the GoPNG and Development Partners Forum on Gender yesterday that at the Apec meeting in Peru on June 27-30, most countries that gathered discussed ways to empower women economically.
“Apec leaders acknowledge women as vital contributions to economic and social development for the prosperity of the Apec region including commitments towards corporate policies, the inclusion of women in the regional economy and access to capital and innovation technology,” she said. She said Vietnam would host the 2017 Apec forum and PNG will host it in 2018 and they would try to work towards the themes of empowering women economically and promote and showcase PNG Women in Business to the world.
“We have to be showcasing women who can already market themselves, come 2018 we want to showcase what our women are doing.
“We have lots of women, we have lot of women who are making business and ready to go out internationally, and some are already doing that so we want to showcase that.
“PNG is just 40 years old and I think we have performed very well and I look forward to 2018 to showcase what our women are doing and building themselves.”
Gore told the participants to work in their own capacity to address gender issues in the country.
“Gender is not one issue; when we talk about gender people think we are talking about women, no, it’s not about women, it’s the issues surrounding gender, either male or female.”

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