Registering land under ILG vital, Allan says


ALL MPs have been tasked to advocate voluntary customary land registration in their respective electorates and districts.
Minister for Lands Benny Allan, in response to Pomio MP Elias Kapavore on Friday, said it was important that landowners registered their land under the Incorporated Land Groups (ILGs).
“I would ask all MPs to advocate in their respective districts to encourage landowners to register their land under the ILGs,” Allan said.
Kavapore had asked what would happen to the existing ILGs come Feb next year and if it would affect those who has not registered their land.
Allan said all registered ILGs under the old ILG Act would expire by Feb 17. He said the existing ILGs would have to apply for renewal before the expiry date. Otherwise they will have to go through the whole process of reapplying next year.
“Under the old Act, those ILG who have registered come Feb 17, 2017, their ILGs will expire which means that the new Act will come into force,” Allan said.
“Our advice to the ILGs is that they will have to apply for renewal which means that they will have to start the process again.
“They’ve already got the ILGs there where the landowners are identified in that area and they have got that certificate.”

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