Registry of Political Parties facing funding problems


THE Registry of Political Parties is strapped for cash to carry out promotional activities for next year’s general election, Registrar Dr Alphonse Gelu says.
He admitted that a major awareness drive of political parties had hit a setback due to funding problems.
Gelu earlier said his office may resort to using social media to get the message across to the people as well as ask for overseas assistance for a new computer server as the old one had crashed.
He urged political parties to use the National Broadcasting Commission to inform people of their policies.
The registry at that time lacked the necessary funding to carry out television, radio and newspaper advertising and was looking at the possibility of using YouTube to air its TV commercials and Facebook to carry out awareness.
The registry’s main computer server worth K200,000 remained crashed since last November, causing the unavailability of database, internet and email services.
“We were severely cut in our 2017 budget allocation. But we are very happy with the Government for giving us funding for election observation,” Gelu said.
“This was something that we were not expecting and for which I’m very thankful for.
“It is very important that we also go out during the general election and look first-hand at the performance of political parties.
“We need to do that and have it documented.
“That will show us whether the training that we’ve given them since 2012 have worked.”

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