Registry workshop to discuss party progress


POLITICAL parties will highlight their achievements over the past four years during a workshop tomorrow and Friday, according to Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu.
He told The National that this would be the last learning and development workshop leading up to the election.
“We are going to give all the time to the political parties. Each one of them has been allocated 15 minutes each. They will tell us what they have done since 2012,” he said.
“They will also tell us what they have done to prepare for the 2017 election.”
Gelu said the registry would be able to know after the workshop how many parties were prepared for the 2017 election.
“I’ve told them in the other three workshops this year that by now, you should have your candidates ready for the 2017 election,” he said.
“We cannot wait until April 20 of 2017 when the writs will be issued. We have to start now. I will be expecting all political parties and their officials to tell everybody what they have done.”
Gelu said only a “handful” of parties were going around the country conducting awareness and telling people about themselves and their policies.
“I would hope that a good number of political parties would have their confirmed list of candidates,” he said.
“I’m expecting political parties to do better because we’ve been working with them.
“We’ve been talking to them about their structures, reminding them of their requirements as party executives, their duties and their responsibilities, what they should be doing in order to develop their parties.”

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