Relative of man shot by police calls for justice


MANY unqualified people have entered the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, a relative of a young man allegedly shot by police in Southern Highlands on Sunday says.
Samuel Wapno, a relative of the late Noel Awili, 20, from Walume Junction in the Imbonggu district, said many of the officers lacked skills to effectively execute their duties.
He said these officers have entered the force through corruption.
“The recruitment officers are often bribed to turn a blind eye on applications of unqualified individuals,” he said.
“Many of these officers lack basic skills and code of ethics. They don’t know how to handle firearms or write police reports.”
Wapno said the Police Department was being blamed for the barbaric acts of individual officers.
The relatives of the deceased set up a roadblock at Walume Junction on Monday to attract the attention of the police.
Mendi police, under the command of Assistant Commissioner of police (Western end) Mark Yangen, went to the scene and talked with the grieving relatives.
The relatives said they wanted the officer responsible to surrender and be charged.

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