Repentance Day call challenged


NO date or day is holy unless it is blessed by God.
In regards to Rev Joseph Walters’ call to “observe the National Repentance Day as holy day”, I say that no human being has the power and authority to bless or decree as holy any day or event.
The National Repentance Day is gazetted by the government and endorsed by the churches, but it is not holy.
Only the Sabbath, the seventh day, was blessed and sanctified holy (Gen 2:3; Exodus 20:8). Repentance to God ought to be constant daily on every sunset (Eph 4:26), season in and season out (2 Tim 4:2). It should not be an annual thing.
Therefore, the National Repentance Day can be commemorated by most, but not by all Christians.

Voice in the wilderness

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