Report absent teachers: Officer


Madang administrator Daniel Aloi has advised parents in the province to report to the Teaching Service Commission teachers who are absent from work without good reason.
“Teachers are employees of the TSC and they should be reported to (TSC provincial representative) Mr Joseph Oyoumb for continuous or prolonged, unexplained absenteeism,” he said following a complaint from a parent over a teacher who was not in his school.
The teacher was reportedly, engaged in sorting out teachers leave fares and postings.
Aloi said he was not aware of the teacher’s engagement in provincial education office for administrative work.
“Administration of education services is the responsibility of the Madang provincial administration,” he said.
“No one has the authority to engage people on this unless sanctioned by the provincial administrator.”
Aloi said workshops or activities on education programmes requiring teachers to be absent from class to attend them should be arranged with the provincial education board.
He said administrative functions of the provincial education division were determined by the provincial administrator.
“Teachers are paid by the Teaching Service Commission and must not be involved in the provincial education division.”
Meanwhile, Aloi said he was aware of teachers being nominated for workshops in the province but not of teachers’ involvement in sorting out postings and leave fares.
“A parent (name withheld) has complained of teachers being absent from class saying that they were engaged by the provincial education adviser to sort out leave fares and postings.
“I went to the school and was told that teachers are out sorting out leave fares and postings.
“I think teachers should be in class teaching and let that function to the provincial education officers.”

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