Report recommends needs to improve midwifery services

Health Watch

A REPORT on the availability, accessibility and the quality of midwives indicates that PNG needs to improve midwifery services in all dimensions, an official says.
World Health Organisation representative Dr Rufina Latu said a global analytical report in 2014, showed that Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands were the only two Pacific Island countries included in the analysis of data for midwives among 73 countries.
She said maternal and child mortality rate had decreased globally in the past 25 years. But PNG and other countries had rates which were still behind national targets.
“We did not achieve the established millennium development goals (4 and 5) for mothers and babies,” she said.
Latu said as PNG entered into the era of the sustainable development goals, there was a need to improve care for mothers and babies, for every mother to receive care during pregnancy and child birth, and every infant was given the necessary care to survive and thrive.
“We know that investments in midwifery are considered to be a cost-effective measure for improving the survival of mothers and their babies,” she said.
“The majority of maternal and new-born deaths can be prevented with quality ante-natal care during delivery.”

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