Report suspects


POLICE in Lae want health centres in the city and  Angau Memorial Hospital to report patients seeking treatment  for bullet wounds.
Lae Met Supt Anthony Wagambie Jr issued the call yesterday following a gun battle between a criminal gang and police in the early hours of yesterday in Lae.
Wagambie said police had raided a criminal hideout on a hill near the West Taraka suburb of Lae and were engaged in a gun fight with gang members. The gang is believed to be responsible for a string of armed robberies in the city recently.
“The criminals engaged police in a shootout,” Wagambie said.
“A number of criminals were injured and one confirmed dead.
“A number of the gang members sustained wounds and we think they are in critical condition.
“Some rolled off the steep cliff and escaped with their wounds.
“Police will be checking health facilities for people who will be going to seek treatment for gunshots.
“I call on health workers to report to police any one going in to get treatment for gunshot wounds at their health centre.”
Wagambie reiterated that fighting crime was everyone’s responsibility so everyone, including health workers, must report criminals to police.
Wagambie said that as long as criminals roamed around freely in communities crime would increase.

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