Resign to contest, Kali warns


PUBLIC servants intending to contest the 2017 general election have been warned to tender their resignation letters now – one month before October 20, which should be their final day in office.
Department of Personnel Management secretary John Kali clarified yesterday that all public servants must give a one-month notice of their intention to resign.
Kali told The National yesterday that the intending candidates must leave office by October 20 – six months before the issuing of writs on April 20, 2017 “as per the Public Service (Management) Act”.
He advised public servants in a circular dated September 20 that they must give a one-month notice to resign, before leaving office by October 20.
“So they can’t remain in office now,” he said.
He said some might be tempted to use Government properties for their campaign. “It will be unfair and disadvantageous to everyone else so they have to leave now,” Kali said.
He warned that those who failed to follow the law could be subjected to the leadership code.
“If you resign after that and if you win the election, you will be facing the law anyway because the rule of law must always prevail,” Kali said.
He said officers must address their resignation letters to the department heads and copied to the Secretary for Personnel Management.
“Department heads should address their letters of resignation to their portfolio ministers and copied to myself as well.”

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