Resign to contest, teachers told


TEACHERS intending to contest the next years general election have been advised to resign before October 26.
Teaching Service Commission chairman Baran Sori said in a circular to teachers that the date was exactly six months before the scheduled issuing of writs next April.
“Members of the Teaching Service Commission who intend to contest the election are required under Section 124 of the Teaching Service Act 1998 to submit their resignation six months before the issuing of writs,” he said.
He said the guidelines which should be met were:

  • Date of the resignation letter must be clearly stated;
  • a copy of the letter must be delivered to the education adviser and a copy kept in the school;
  • the resignation letter must be addressed to the chairman of the Teaching Service Commission; and,
  • the teacher must cease teaching and leave the school on the date mentioned in the letter.

Sori warned that teachers planning to leave the teaching service on a sick leave, compassionate leave, study leave secondment, or leave without pay, to contest the election would be breaching Section 124 and would not be reinstated.
He said teachers who contested the general election without formally resigning would be sacked.
Those who lose the election and want to return to teaching can do so “within two months after the declaration of results”.
“If the teacher fails to do so within the two months, the teacher will be declared a resigned person and TSC will authorise payments of his entitlements and processing of separation documents,” he said.

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