Retailers urged to comply, sell English-labelled products


THE ban on products without English labels may be extended, according to the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission.
Commissioner and chief executive Paulus Ain said it would depend on whether retailers complied with the ban which had been in effect since March 31 last year.
“The interim ban will expire on September 30 this year,” he said.
“Under the ICCC Act, the interim bans that the ICCC imposes last for 18 months.
“Should the ICCC consider that the interim ban needs to be reviewed and extended, it will be based on its own independent assessment or investigation on whether there is prevailing or continuous non-compliance by traders and businesses.
“It is an interim ban and businesses or people should not sell non-English labelled products.”
He said no one had been prosecuted for breaking the ban.
“The Independent Consumer and Competition Commission has given businesses the opportunity to voluntarily comply with the ban. So far, the business community has cooperated well with the ICCC,” he said.
He said Independent Consumer and Competition Commission worked in partnership with stakeholders such as PNG Customs, National Capital District Health to ensure that the ban is enforced.
“If retailers do not comply with the ban, investigation will be undertaken and possible penalties or legal action will be taken against those who continue to defy warnings from the ICCC.
“To date there appears to be some level of compliance. But there are few out there that seem to not comply with the ban and we will deal with them if we catch them.”
He warned that those who broke the ban could face a fine of up to K100,000 or a prison term of up to two years.

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