Retired police officers to be evicted, says Wampe


RETIRED police officers occupying department houses in Morobe will be evicted, says Morobe police commander Augustine Wampe.
He said the retired officers and their families would be evicted by the end of December.
“Personnel who have retired, resigned or been dismissed from the force will be evicted forcefully if they refuse to leave their homes,” Wampe said. “We give them until the end of December to vacate police houses that they are occupying.”
He said certain retired officers had remained in the houses for so long and had claimed them as their own.
“I warn that we will use reasonable force to move such people out from police houses,” Wampe said.
“There are former police personnel who are still occupying police homes in Finschhafen and Bulolo after they were instructed to leave.
“You are no longer serving as police officers, therefore, you have to vacate the department’s houses and find somewhere else to live.”

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