Reverend shares his testimony, God’s love to prisoners


SOME things we regard as useless or garbage can be turned into something useful and beautiful, according to a pastor who shares God’s love with prisoners.
Reverend Laio Poka from Vabukori in Central, an ex-prisoner, said this applied to people who thought that their lives had no meaning.
Poka spent most of his youth life at Bomana prison in the early 80s thinking that he has no meaning in life – until he met Jesus in prison.
“I was in prison when my mother died and I was not allowed to attend the funeral service,” Poka said.
He said it was the saddest and the darkest moment of his life – but be came the turning point for him.
“For the first time in my life, I knelt in my small (prison) room and prayed to Jesus to come into my life,” Poka said.
He said from that moment on, he experienced a feeling of freedom even though he was still in prison.
Poka asked God to give him a skill or a job.
God revealed to him to make use of used tyres and turn them into something useful.
“My life was like a used tyre. It was useless. But when the knife cuts the tyre, it turns it into something useful,” Poka said.
He started using used tyres for pot plants, swings and furniture.
God also showed him that he would become a pastor, travel to prisons in the country and in other countries.
“When I came out of the prison, I started to go back and share God’s love with prisoners,” Poka said.
“I also imparted the skill of turning tyres into useful things in 2001
He told the young people in prison that their lives was not useless and that God had something in store for them.
He went to prisons around the country to spread the Gospel.
He became a reverend two years ago.
He will be travelling to Cambodia next month to share what Prison Fellowship PNG was doing to reduce crime and imprisonment.
He will also conduct training to impart the skills he accquired to prisoners in Cambodia.
He returned two weeks ago from the Asia-Pacific regional forum for prison fellowship programme in Malaysia.

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