Review State’s role in ICT: McInnis


THE Government’s role in the country’s information and communication technology industry should be reviewed, Deloitte manager Todd McInnis says.
Todd presented recommendations in a report to address the high internet cost in the country.
“This is a long term thing for Papua New Guinea. There has been a lot of work in the past so in terms of the internet market, actually looking at the State-owned enterprises, reviewing their operations, reviewing their finances, see how they are going to perform going forward. That in itself will go a very long way in reducing prices.”
Other recommendations from the report include:

  • A review of infrastructure delivery in ICT should be conducted to ensure prospective infrastructure investments are subject to an appropriate level of analysis, and to maximise the benefits of such investments,
  • a review of wholesale arrangements should be undertaken to consider both the underlying market dynamics and whether they are appropriate for the ongoing development of the sector as well as the underlying causes of high wholesale prices and possible policy response,
  • requirements for further transparency in retail prices, including requirements concerning the information on prices, terms and conditions that must be provided by retailers and potentially a price monitoring system to monitor price movements.
  • a holistic ICT industry development strategy should be developed which pays particular attention to internet infrastructure..etc.

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