Reviewing law expensive


REVIEWING laws is an expensive exercise but with support from international partners, the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (CLRC) has managed to carry out its task well, Secretary Dr Eric Kwa says.
Speaking at the presentation of equipment, Kwa thanked the work of the United Nations, particularly UN Women for supporting CLRC in reviewing a lot of laws.
“To engage a private consultant to do a review it will cost K150,000, not consultations, stakeholder engagement,” he said.
“If it’s an expatriate, probably up to K300,000, if it’s a local law firm, it will cost K300,000 to K500,000 just to draft a piece of legislation.
“For a foreign firm, according to the data that we now have that we can compare, it will cost about K2 million to draft a law, not consultation or engagement.
“So with the support of UN Women, with almost K200,000 it will help us to cover five pieces of law.”
Kwa said it was a big contribution.
“We are now able to deliver to the government and the people of PNG five pieces of legislation that’s been professionally done by a team of people who are working very hard collaborating very effectively, which we are excited to be a part of.”
UN Women Country representative Dr Jeffery Buchanan said they were happy to support the work of CLRC did together with the Department of Community Development and Religion.
“I think that a small part, but an important one, is being able to present a multi-media projector and a laptop to allow you to go ahead with your work,” Buchanan said.
“I understand the hard work it takes to go to the region and travel around the country and now with the equipment, it will help you.”

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