Reviving coffee sector


THE people in the hinterlands of Gulf have some hopes of earning money with the revival of coffee production in the area.
Re-activation of the cash-crop production, with assistance from Kerema MP Richard Mendani, will allow people to start venturing into production, which was enjoyed about 30 years back.
The economic activity, however, vanished due to transportation and freight difficulties faced by local farmers over the years.
Mendani’s recent visit to some remote areas in Kaintiba district brought hopes to more than 40,000 people in the area to venture into coffee production.
Mendani said he was basically reviving the coffee production to increase revenue and reduce poverty in the area.
“I will be subsidising the prices for the rural farmers, thus having the district community marketing project is one way forward in implementing the project in full force,” he said.
“I am bringing in the banking system, especially BSP to strengthen and broaden coffee production in the area,” the MP said.
“People from this area have missed out drastically from this economic activity over the years. While the timing is now right for them to participate with what they have enjoyed some 30 years back in the late 80s.
Mendani said he allocated K1 million for the project and will review the programme at the end of the year.
Meanwhile, the MP said he had secured 120,000 hectares for oil palm project in the area with K1 billion  secured from investors.
The MP allocated K1million towards the project to facilitate  awareness and securing of ILG land registrations before the project got  off the ground.

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