RH presents K10,000 to Salvation Army

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The RH Group of Companies has donated K10,000 to the Red Shield Appeal of the Salvation Army of PNG.
RH Foundation executive officer Eric Mumson Piuk presented the cheque to Salvation Army territorial commander Andrew Westrupp on behalf of the group.
Piuk said the RH group would like to assist organisations like the Salvation Army to give back to communities.
“As long as the RH group survives in PNG, we will help and give back to the community and not only take from PNG,” Piuk said.
He said, they hoped the relationship would go a long way in assisting humanitarian efforts in social development, church activities or other projects by the Salvos.
Piuk said RH’s charity arm, the RH Foundation normally assisted these types of work but the donation to Salvos was from the management of the RH group.
“RH would like to thank the Salvos for the fine job they are doing so we can assist them,” Piuk said.
“We believe and hope that the amount we are giving can touch and have positive impact in the lives of people.”
Westrupp said they were very grateful for the continued support of RH group towards the Salvation Army in PNG.
“Salvation Army cannot operate without friends helping and entrusting us with donations like this.”
The donation will go into the Red Shield Appeal to support social work in communities around PNG.
So far, Bank South Pacific, ANZ Bank, Steamships, ExxonMobil and RH Group have donated to the Red Shield Appeal a total of K363,000.

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