Rice experts modify machine


CHINESE rice experts at the Highlands Agricultural College in Mt Hagen have modified a machine to help in weeding.
The experts are at the college to promote the upland rice project which is a partnership programme between the governments of China and Papua New Guinea.
The Chinese agriculture technician team, which was sent into the country by Hubei Dadi Economy and Technology Company Limited, adopted creative measures to improve the efficiency of local farming since they arrived in Mt Hagen.
The “modified walking tractor” now makes the mechanisation of weeding in rice fields possible.
Last month, the team demonstrated the weeding mechanisation. College staff and students were amazed to see that the modified machine could weed.
College principal Philip Senat said the use of the machine was bound to increase permeability and oxygen circulation in the soil.
He said this was one of the best ways to get rid of bushes that destroyed food crops.
“It is handy and can make work easier for the college to promote the rice project,” Senat said.
College project coordinator Gibson Simon said farming involved a lot of weeding and the machine would be of great help.
“This will now help us to get rid of the weeds which we have been using labourers to weed,” Simon said.

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