Right call to sack SRC leaders


THERE is much talk about the expulsion of student leaders from the University of Papua New Guinea after the boycott of classes that lasted some weeks, resulting in student- police clash and destruction of properties at the Waigani campus.
There are parents seeking sympathy and asking for forgiveness from the UPNG administration for the expelled students who claim what the students did was an expression of their freedom and constitutional rights to seek justice.
Being a former student leader and having experienced one of the worse students unrest in 1991, I can say that our current cream of students have gone way beyond what they were supposed to do as future leaders of this nation.
They should face the full force of law as their actions have caused considerable amount of damages, which gave a negative image to higher learning at the country’s premier institutions.
The Government should punish all of these students wishing to enrol by asking them to pay the full costs of their education rather than to subsidise it and remove HECAS.
Their parents can feel the pain as they failed to even discipline their children.
I know the majority of the students wanted to return to classes but a certain ethnic group kept everyone at ransom and they all succumbed to them.
If the silent majority had spoken out, this particular group would have been helpless and the crisis wouldn’t have lasted long.
In fact, they should be told to pay for the damage to properties.
The UPNG administration also failed miserably by not taking tough action against the student leaders.
Termination is the right thing to do and will deter future student boycotts.
It’s time for all university students to get back to studying for their future wellbeing.

Yoli Kari,
Nipa, SHP

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