Rise in crime needs effective solutions


I WAS extremely shocked and ashamed when I read in The National about the rape, attack and murder of the young female security guard and also the killing of her male colleague in Madang.
The first impression I got was: What has happened to the most beautiful town in PNG? Have the devils taken over to have the woman being brutalized after being raped?
What is happening to men in Madang?
What has got into them – the Devil?
Is that a norm in Madang, where women are raped and their bodies abused in inhumane, shameful ways?
The incident has once again put Madang on the stage for such evil acts. We still remember the American scientist who was raped on an island in Madang (in 2013) while she was doing research there with her colleagues.
It is for this reason that I urge all the MPs in Madang to lead PNG to change the laws on rape and assault attacks.
Governor Jim Kas and Madang MP and Petroleum and Energy MP Nixon Duban, please take the lead.
Madang must not be taken over by dogs and the Devil.
Lead to make the laws more severe – like amputating the limbs of those convicted of committing crimes like rape, murder and causing grievous physical harm.
We must get tough on people who commit such crimes. We must pass laws that mete out harsher penalties for those who commit such crimes.
All the MPs in Parliament should work together too with the two MPs to pass such a law because that should deter the committing of such crimes in our towns and villages.
At the moment it seems that people who commit such crimes are very lightly dealt with.
serve a little time in prison and come out and commit more crimes, as well as influencing others.
People who commit such crimes must not be allowed bail or given any parole and increase the number of years they will spend in prison to more than 20 years.
If the laws are not tightened, the pockets of Paradise left in our country will be lost to dangerous and evil men who roam around free at will and threatening others and assaulting women, girls and children.
If settlements where such crimes are committed need to be destroyed, we must have laws in place to do that too.
If drug dealers need to be severely penalised, make the changes in the laws.
Some places in towns and cities in the country are breeding grounds for criminals and all sorts of evil works.
Please, MPs, you must get up and do something beforte the situation worsens.
You must act or our society will perish.

PNG Tauna, via email

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