Road to Indonesia needs special recognition: Nali

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By LUKE KAMA in Aitape
THE proposed highway connecting the Sepik and Indonesia should be given the recopgnition it deserves, says Works and Implementation Minister Michael Nali.
Nali said the Coastal Sepik Highway was Papua New Guinea’s only road to another country and it was important that such recognition and attention be given to it.
“The Coastal Sepik Highway is an international highway which we have overlooked for many years,” he said.
“The road from the border of PNG and Indonesia at Butum to Vainimo, and to Aitape in West Sepik to Wewak in East Sepik, and connecting from Wewak to Bogia in Madang, will be the country’s first international highway.”
Nali and Works Secretary David Wereh drove through the highway connecting Wewak in East Sepik and Aitape in West Sepik.
They were accompanied by West Sepik Governor Tony Wouwou, Mamose Works manager Brian Alois, East Sepik Works manager Benjamin Haiken and West Sepik Works manager Henry Rakuasi.
Nali and Wereh made an aerial inspection of the proposed road from Baiyer to Madang, and between Madang and Wewak.
He said because of the financial problems facing the country, the priority now was maintaining and constructing roads.
Aitape-Lumi administrator John Ainep said there was no road to the provincial capital Vanimo.

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