Roadblock affects PMV operators, bus crew says

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A BUS crew has raised concern that they had lost money due to the roadblock at a section of the Highlands Highway in Kainantu.
Timon Mekeria, from Mendi, Southern Highlands, a crew member of  Wilco bus, said he and his driver lost between K800 and K900 in takings on Monday because they could not travel from Kainantu to Lae and back.
The Anku’Aintenu Land Group (ALG) of Agarabi in Eastern Highlands blocked off a 4.5km stretch of the highway between Bane and 4-Mile Bridge but the road was reopened by police yesterday afternoon.
Mekeria said: “I think they (landowners) are fighting for their rights, but the Government must talk with them. We PMV operators are losing a lot of money.
“If this roadblock continues, we will go out of business.”
Mekeria said a lot of PMV operators were affected as a result of the roadblock.

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