Roads to tackle housing price woes


THE construction of new roads in Port Moresby will address the problem of expensive housing in the city, according to the National Capital District Commission.
NCDC deputy city manager regulation Kenneth Atasoa said they were not responsible for the regulation of the housing industry but could facilitate less expensive options for Port Moresby residents through roads which would allow more land to be available for housing.
“We have a Department for Housing. Their sole responsibility is to provide housing for citizens,” he said.
“We can only do the municipal part of it – the infrastructure and planning. It is they who have failed to provide affordable housing.
“The NCDC cannot take on that responsibility as it is the department’s.
“But infrastructure developments like roads will allow for the prices to come down and increase the affordability of people to own houses. This can be done through private developers who will use the accessible land made available by the roads.
“There used to be only 36 kilometers of roads.
“The NCDC has doubled that to about 76 kilometers in the past few years.”
He said new roads in the past five years cost around K1.7 billion.
“More than 4000 allotments will be developed after the construction of the Nine-Mile Gerehu Hanuabada Road,” Atasoa said.

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