Robbers hold up Speaker


PARLIAMENT Speaker Theodore Zurenuoc and Morobe deputy governor Judas Nalau were among candidates held up in the interior Burum-Kuat and Hube areas in Finschhafen, Morobe, while campaigning.
They lost properties and personal items such as mobile phones but there was no report of injuries.
Nalau said a group of men demanded cash from them but since he did not meet their demands they took his phones and other possessions.
Among the candidates held up was local MP Zurenuoc.
Nalau said the thugs were based at Pindiu Station.
Meanwhile, a female candidate called The National from interior Ebabang village in Burum-Kuat and said that she was scared and unable to return to Gagidu via Pindiu Station. She asked not to be named or her party identified for security reasons.
She said that the thugs were targeting candidates from coastal areas, demanding cash, harassing them, damaging their vehicles and stealing their possessions.
She had been campaigning for the last 12 days and ended up at Ebabang and was unable to return to Gagidu via Pindiu Station because she was worried about her safety.
She called party executives to pick her up by helicopter.
“They are a minority of aggrieved opportunists that formerly practised cult and have twisted their practice and are conducting illegal activities based at station,” Nalau said.

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