Be role models, clergy told


LEADERS of the Catholic Religious Orders of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Solomon Islands (SI) have been urged to be role models in where they live.
The message was relayed to them by the Pope’s Ambassador to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Archbishop Kurien Matthew Vayalunkal last week during their annual meeting.
As part of the annual meeting of the Federation of Religious, the leaders use Pope Francis 2015 document ‘Laudato Si’ (care for our common home) to highlight issues in regards to religious life in PNG and SI. A spokesperson said they stood with Pope Francis.
“The people of the world need to address the crisis in the world of abuse of the environment but also of other creatures and people of our society, especially people who are vulnerable,” the spokesperson said.
He said the land in Papua New Guinea and Solomons, mountains and seas were sacred and should be managed properly.
“The rubbish makes our community ugly, spoiling our streets and then gets into rivers and sea causing harm to all God’s creatures that need the water to live and thrive in,” he said.
“As religious leaders we propose to our own communities to live simpler lives critiquing the use of our planet’s resources.”

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