Roll update delayed


THE common roll update exercise in the Southern Highlands is facing a major setback after the common roll update materials were removed from the storage container in Mendi.
According to administrator Joe Kaiyo, the common roll update materials stored in a container were removed and suspected to have been destroyed under the watch of the former election manager David Wakias.
Kaiyo who is the chairman of the Southern Highlands election steering committee, said the committee only found out about the missing materials when the container used to store the materials was opened in police presence.
He said the former election manager David Wakias was to be held responsible as the materials were removed under his watch and also at a time when he was continuously challenging and organising unlawful demonstrations in protest of his lawful transfer by his employer.
Kaiyo said the committee would be asking the Electoral Commission to supply new materials to carry out the roll update.
Southern Highlands Governor William Powi, while condemning the action, said the removal of the materials was criminal in nature and the police needed to investigate and arrest the suspects involved.
“On Tuesday, a handful of supporters barricaded access to the Electoral Commission office in Mendi to stop the commission from conducting the common roll update,” Powi said.
“We cannot allow a renegade group or individuals to sabotage the work of the Electoral Commission.
“The common roll update is a constitutional requirement and why are the police in Mendi allowing this people to sabotage a constitutional duty?
“I call on the police hierarchy in the province to wake up from their slumber and address this issues.”

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