Roo welcomes Eda Ranu invitation to discuss fire hydrants in the city

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Chief fire officer Bill Roo, pictured, has welcomed the invitation by Eda Ranu to discuss the repair and installation of new fire hydrants in the city.
Eda Ranu acting chief executive officer Dr Fifaia Matainaho said last week that Eda Ranu had already started checking and repairing existing fire hydrants. He invited PNG Fire Service and National Capital District Commission to discuss the building of new fire hydrants. Roo said that the PNG Fire Service had been talking about the urgent need for fire hydrants for a long time.
He was happy that Eda Ranu was now looking at working with them to  repair and build fire hydrants.
“Fire officers need fire hydrants to help save properties and lives,” Roo said.
“The city needs fire hydrants to protect itself from fires. With the Apec summit coming up, we are more than happy to sit with Eda Ranu and NCDC to discuss the rehabilitation and building of fire hydrants in the city.”
Roo said that many existing fire hydrants were in need of repair .
He said newly-expanded areas of the city like Taurama and 9-Mile area needed new fire hydrants.
Roo said settlements were also at risk because they were unplanned and did not have good roads for fire trucks to use in an event of fires.

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