RPNGC, a strong law enforcement in PNG: GG


THE Royal PNG Constabulary has developed to become a strong and dedicated instrument of the State responsible for the enforcement of law and order, Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio says.
He said the constabulary had come a long way in its 128 years of existence.
“There are few police forces in the world entitled to use the word royal in their names. The Royal PNG Constabulary is one of those,” Sir Michael said.
“The constabulary has a long proud history and has been in PNG in one form or another over the last 128 years.
“The history of the constabulary began in 1888 when the first police force in New Guinea was established for the German New Guinea Company.
“Papua was declared by British possession in 1884, just seven years later in 1891, the Papua police force was formed.
“In 1906, when Papua became an Australian territory, the police force was renamed a constabulary of Papua which had a strength of 300 men.
“The number in the New Guinea Police force reached 1000 men in 1914.”

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