Ruling party confident of beating 2012 returns


LEADER of the People’s National Congress Party Peter O’Neill is confident the party will exceed in 2017 the 27 members elected in 2012.
The Ialibu-Pangia MP said although the party had lost some senior party members and Cabinet ministers, they would still have the numbers to form government.
“A lot of people see that some of our sitting members have lost their seats during this election.
“But given the record in the past elections, I think you will all agree that the outcome of this elections has been far better for the ruling party.
“In the 2012 election, 27 members were elected to PNC for us to form government.
“We are confident that at the end of this election when all writs are returned back to the GG, PNC will exceed that number.
“That is a clear indication that the people continue to trust our party to lead.”
He said the party had some experienced members returning to parliament and some new members who were experienced in their own careers and parliament.
“That is the nature of elections,” he said.

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