Sacrifice pays off for manager

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A Western man who obtained a K40,000 bank loan to pursue a master’s degree in management says it took commitment and sacrifice to achieve his goal.
Steven Carl, 50, from the Kwantemnai clan in Kasrenai village, Kiunga, Western, said he had never asked the government for  sponsorship because he believed it was the best way rather than being spoonfed.
“It’s all about commitment, sweat, sacrifice, wise use of resources which is all about ‘management’,” Carl said.
He graduated on March 24, from the PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment.
Born on May 5, 1967 at Matkomnai sub-health centre, he is the third born in the family and has six brothers and four sisters.
Things did not come easy for him but despite that his parents placed their faith in God.
“I encourage you to put God first in everything you do and most importantly obey your parents and use every resource provided to you wisely and then set your goals in whatever you want to be and work hard towards it,” Carl said.
He was a typical village boy from a poor family background who began first grade in 1973 at Matkomnai Community School (now primary school).
After completing primary school in 1978, he went on to Kiunga High School in North Fly District to complete his Grade 10.
He then took up a certificate in tropical agriculture course at the Popondetta Agriculture College under a national government scholarship. He returned home after first semester due to personal reasons and re-enrolled in 1986, completing the course as a self-sponsored student.
He worked as a casual rubber officer with the Department of Western Division of Agriculture and Livestock from 1987-89.
He then won a position as rural development technician with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock and was attached to Cape Rodney Agriculture Development Project (CRADP) at Upulima, along the Magi Highway, in Central province.
He was there until 1994 before moving back to Western Provincial Administration, based in Ningerum LLG ,as the district rural development officer (DRDO).
The Division of Agriculture and Livestock sponsored him to the Highlands Agriculture College in Western Highlands to complete a one-year post-certificate diploma in agriculture to qualify him as a DRDO in 1996.
Carl was further promoted to act as senior provincial planner from 2012 to 2014 and then act as programme manager for livestock development in the new Western Provincial Administration.
With his new qualification, Carl is in a much better position to serve his province.

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