Samarai-Murua MP joins PNG National Party


Samarai-Murua open MP-elect Isi-Henry Leonard has joined the PNG National Party and The Alliance team.
Leonard, who contested as an independent candidate, said he made the decision based on conscience and greater benefits for the people of Samarai-Murua and PNG.
“The People’s National Congress (PNC) led by Peter O’Neill as the prime minister has brought PNG to its knees over the last seven years,” Leonard claimed.
“I won this election as an independent candidate by campaigning against the PNC government.
“So it clearly shows that my people have spoken through the ballot against PNC and I defeated incumbent PNC candidate Gordon Wesley.”
Leonard said one of the obvious reasons why he campaigned against the PNC was that revenues from the PNG LNG Project had not benefited anyone in the country.
“Thousands of shipments were made by big cargo ships out of the country to LNG markets in Japan for almost four years  and yet not a single toea is coming into the country from these revenues,” Leonard said.
“Where is the logic?
“The landowners are suffering. They are not getting their royalties and other benefits which they are supposed to be taking.
“The revenue is mortgaged into a loan and we cannot expect such people to lead the country.”
Leonard said he was approached by PNC but declined its invitation.
“I don’t want to team up with people who have vested interest and that’s why I chose to team up with Kerenga Kua and his PNG National Party,” Leonard said.

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