Samarai-Murua to open new classroom


SAMARAI-Murua district in Milne Bay will have many reasons to celebrate Independence Day, according to the local MP Gordon Wesley.
He says it will be a working Independence celebration for the district as he travels to the Yaleamba local level government area tomorrow to open a double classroom at Maho Primary School and do ground breaking for the construction of a health centre at Hobuk village.
Wesley said this would be followed by presentation of funds to all primary schools in the four districts of Yaleamba, Bwanabwana, Losuiade and Murua.
“All the schools in the district will receive K20,000 each. Not one single school will be left out,” Wesley said.
Certain high schools and vocational institutions would be given funding too.” He will be dishing out a total of K1.5 million during Independence Day. The funds are from the DSIP.
“Education and health as we know are a government priority and a policy of the People’s National Congress party. Therefore, I am making sure I fulfil the requirements.
“I hope that future governments would be able to continue that trend and make education compulsory so that every child can be able to reach the same education level.
“Today majority of our people, especially children are being deprived of their constitutional rights to having an education.”
Wesley said if we have an educated nation we would have healthy and productive citizens.
He will also present four sawmills in the Yaleamba local level government.

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