Sapia urges people to stop cult activities, put God first


RAICOAST MP Peter Gemungo Sapia has urged people to do away with cult activities and move forward together with development in the district.
He announced his God-first policy during the swearing-in of the district development authority  (DDA) last week. Sapia said the people needed to reconcile and do away with cult activities and concentrate on the delivery of basic services.
“Services will only come when people put God first in everything they do,” he said.
“I am urging the public servants in the district to work with the DDA members to effectively deliver services without bias and nepotism.”
Deputy provincial administrator Peter Torot said Middle Ramu and Raicoast were the least developed districts in the province.
Torot said critical thinking, proper planning, fair decisions and proper wealth distribution should be the focus of DDA members.
Meanwhile, church representative to the DDA Pastor Osikua Tingkeo said the four local level governments in Raicoast should be treated equally fairly in the delivery of basic services.
He said the district development authority must promote fairness in the delivery of basic serves and work with people to see the human and spiritual development of the people.

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