Saraga 9s opens registration, competition starts tomorrow


THE Hanua Youth Development Rugby League Saraga  9s Challenge local organising committee have urged clubs to register their interest today for the competition.
Coordinator Roy Loitive apologised for the short notice and said interested teams had to register today for the competition, which starts tomorrow.
He said over K10,000 in prizemoney was up for grabs and it was an opportunity for the teams to display their talent during the Saraga 9s.
The first prize winner will pick up the Saraga Cup and K5000 while second prize was K3000, third prize K2000 and fourth prize K1500.
Loitive, a former Kumul appealed to clubs to get in touch with the organising committee to register their interest to compete.
He urged the following clubs to turn up for the pre-competition registration today.
Clubs: Sabama Raiders, Mahuru Eagles, Vabukori Mosquitoes, Pari Vikings, 6-Mile DY Crows, Badili Dudugs, Kaugere Bulldogs, Kaugere Seagulls, Badili Sheriffs, Kone Storm, Kone Sharks, Kogeva Falcons, Nepo United, KH Nokondis, Koki Young Guns, Dodo Heights, UBP Panthers, Taurama Dragons, Vadavada United, Koki Eels, K-Gogea, Gimaune Broncos, 20Mile City Rabbitohs, Mun Knights, Kokeva Jets, Gorobe Varakou, Kaukana United, Deve Ako, Ragamuga City Gliders, End of the World, Kipo East Roosters and Nega West.

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