Sawada appointed as chief economist


THE Asian Development Bank has appointed Yasuyuki Sawada as its chief economist.
Sawada, a professor at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Economics in Japan, is expected to assume office next spring after going through formal procedures at the University of Tokyo.
Sawada, a Japanese national, has more than 20 years experience as an economist, researcher, and academic.
He worked at the Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo and served as a consultant for various projects for the World Bank group.
A leading figure in development economics and applied microeconometrics, he also was a visiting professor at Stanford University’s Stanford Centre for International Development, and adjunct professor of economics at Korea University.
Sawada said his excited to join ADB and look forward to working with the bank.
“I’m humbled and excited to join ADB at this pivotal moment in Asia’s development journey,” Sawada said.
“As the key knowledge institution in the region, Asian Development Bank strives to provide its developing member countries with the best research and policy advice it can offer to promote their development agenda.
“I look forward to contributing to this effort.”
Sawada will act as ADB’s spokesperson on economic issues and head its economic research and regional cooperation department, which carries out policy research on development challenges facing Asia and the Pacific.
Sawada had conducted many field studies in developing countries and has a deep insight about development issues.

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