Scheme helps thousands of Central students


THE Central Government under the Parents Assistance Scheme has helped 4380 students since 2013 at a cost of K8.9 million, according to Governor Kila Haoda.
“This is money that we could use for service delivery but human resource is very important,” Haoda said.
He said in Central, they believe that in the absence of gold and other resources, human resource is their gold.
Haoda said the scholarship programme was different from the one where the Government paid everything for students including pocket allowance.
“We help parents to pay the (school) fees of the students,” Haoda said.
He said for every student attending tertiary institutions, they help them with K2000 each.
“This scheme is going very well in our communities, there are no boundaries and this is for our people,” Haoda said.
He said this year’s application will be closed on March 20.
He said the budget for this year is K3 million which also covers the Malaysian Scholarship.
“This year, we are sending 53 students to Malaysia to study,” Haoda said.
He said this scholarship programme started in 2015.
Central administrator Gei Guni Raga said they wanted students to compete with the world.
He said students are required to have a GPA of 3.2 and also a current valid passport and apply to make their work easier.

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