More scholarships key: Official

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THE South Korean government should adjust its scholarship terms and conditions to allow more young Papua New Guinean students to pursue further studies in South Korea, University of Papua New Guinea lecturer Teddy Winn says.
Winn said during a presentation last week at the first South Korea-Papua New Guinea Dialogue Forum that more young people coming out of universities must be given an opportunity to pursue long-term scholarships.
He said Korea International Cooperation Agency, the implementing body of South Korea’s overseas development assistance, must enable more PNG students to not only pursue post graduate but undergraduate studies as well.
“Taking on fresh graduates for studies will solve some problems of staff shortage in the higher education sector,” Winn said.
He said the higher education sector in PNG would benefit generously from having more qualified personnel teach the future workforce.
“Whilst it is undeniable that relations between both countries continue to grow, certain areas within the education sector need emphasis,” Winn said.
He said student exchange programmes should be facilitated between PNG’s public universities and nominated South Korean universities to enhance people-to-people relations, knowledge transfer and cultural exchange programmes.
The South Korean government’s intervention, through the agency, continues to contribute towards nation-building in PNG.

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