School awaits building approval


THE National Capital District Commission Building Board is yet to give approval for the construction of two double classrooms at Wardstrip Primary School.
Moresby North-East MP Labi Amaiu’s first secretary Sam Philips told The National yesterday that they had already written to the building board for its approval.
He said containers with all the materials were dispatched to the school but they had to get the clearance from the board to put up the classrooms.
“We were told that the technical people involved in the project would give the approval and we are still waiting,” Philips said.
Acting city manager Simon Vai had notified his officers responsible to give an update of the project.
The school received news in February that Amaiu would fund the double classrooms.
Amaiu had pledged to fund the classrooms together with a new 15-seater bus for the school for a total cost of about K500,000.
Head teacher Emily Ricky said the old classrooms were demolished at the beginning of last month and Grade 6 students were attending classes in a makeshift classroom made out of canvas.
“We were told to demolish two classrooms to make way for the new two-double classrooms to be built and we have been waiting,” Ricky said.
“It’s taken two months now and the children have been sitting in the open space being exposed to the heat and the dust.
“Because of the strong winds, the canvas is now tearing and I am concerned about the Grade g, they need to work properly.”
Ricky said the two classrooms that were demolished were being used by Grades 5 and 6 classes and they have to do a bit of reshuffling to cater for those classes.
The Grade 5 were fortunate to be put into a building while the Grade 6 class had to be forced to attend classes under the temporary shelter.
“Beginning of last month, the container was brought to the school and we were told that it would take nine days (to put up the classrooms) because of the cost of the container which was K150 per day.
“The container is still here and they have stopped contact with me. We were assured that they would have the classrooms within two to three weeks, because it’s Kwik Built (kit buildings),” Ricky said.

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